Coverage Details

Building & Building Personal Property including Equipment Breakdown

  • Our Program is designed to cover buildings, business personal property, property of others and improvements and betterments as well as the traditional Inland Marine coverages for Towers, Broadcast Equipment and Mobile Broadcast Equipment all under one convenient coverage form. Our comprehensive program automatically includes Equipment Breakdown coverage where property coverage is provided by the policy.
    • Towers / Antennas
      • covers towers, antennas, wires/masts, satellite dishes and any other equipment permanently attached to the tower.
    • Broadcast Equipment
      • covers radio or television receiving, recording, or transmitting equipment.
    • Broadcast Software
      • covers recording/storage media including films, tapes, discs or audio/visual recordings stored on media.
    • Mobile Broadcast Equipment
      • covers mobile radio or television receiving, recording, or transmitting equipment anywhere in the coverage territory if not covered by other insurance.

Business Income / Extra Expense

  • Business Income coverage reimburses an insured for the sum of the net income that would have been earned plus its continuing expenses for the length of time needed to repair property following a covered cause of loss. Loss of rental income can also be covered by this form.
  • Extra Expense coverage pays expenses needed to continue operations, including rental of other locations and other expenditures over and above your normal monthly expenses to enable you to continue business operations.

Commercial General Liability

  • CGL coverage is designed to cover bodily injury and property damage liability exposures related to operating a business. The basic areas covered by the CGL include the insured's ownership or use of the premises, coverage for defined contractual agreements, coverage for products manufactured, sold or distributed by the insured, completed operations of the insured, and medical payments coverage. A separate Media Liability E&O policy is recommended for those in the business of broadcasting.


  • Employee Dishonesty, Forgery or Alteration, Money and Securities and other Crime coverages are available upon request.


  • Liability - covers Insured for Bodily Injury and Property Damage to others while operating a covered "auto".
  • Auto Med-Pay - reimburses passengers and operators of vehicles for their medical expenses arising out of accidents while traveling in an insured vehicle.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage - provides coverage for damages caused by drivers of uninsured or underinsured automobiles when such drivers are legally liable for the injury to the insured. Each state establishes the minimum limits of liability for this coverage and also whether the coverage is for bodily injury only or also extends to property damage. Many states require that limits equal to the bodily injury and property damage limits be offered to the insured
  • Collision Coverage - protects the owner against loss from collision or upset of the motor vehicles. When a motor vehicle is sold under a finance contract or agreement, the loss payee (lender) usually requires that the purchaser provide a policy with collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage - protects the insured's business autos and other motor vehicles against loss by fire, theft or other physical damage hazards, including glass breakage but excluding collision and overturn.


  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage provides liability coverage that supplements the limits of an insured's general liability, automobile liability and employers liability policies. Covered causes of loss not normally included in primary policies are subject to a self-insured retention (SIR). The insured is responsible for paying any SIR that applies. SIR amounts is $10,000. The umbrella policy coverage is triggered when the limits of the underlying insurance are exhausted or when a claim not covered by an underlying policy occurs. Any such loss that qualifies for coverage under the umbrella policy is subject to the insured first paying any applicable SIR.